To re-record 'Parachute' 40 years on is not an easy task, as in those days it took months and a large budget from EMI. And from the late Norman Smith as our producer. Offers from friends in the UK would still have worked out very expensive even though Wally was going to produce the album. We needed somewhere we could routine and play the tracks until we felt ready to record, where?

Jon lives in Spain, near Malaga and has been working on solo projects with John Wood who has a recording studio in Malaga. He was keen to offer his studio to us for the making of 'Parachute'as he thought this would be a great project. So there we all were, villa in the mountains, 40 minutes outside Malaga for one month in May 2010, returning in July.

"enjoy the experience of being and playing together again"
Just like bands used to in the 60's living, eating, 24/7 and working together to make the music. How do you improve on such a seminal album as 'Parachute'? You take each track and put your life experience over the last 40 years into it and enjoy the experience of being and playing together again, and hope we introduce the album to those who missed it the first time around, and to hear us breathe fresh life into the tracks today for those hearing the album second time around. There are also a couple of new songs.

On the Home Page you can see the four of us play 'Sickle Clowns' live, a track from 'Parachute' at the Paris Olympia back in the 70's.

Enjoy the album.

Skip, Jon, Wally & Pete.