xPTs came together in 2009 to remake the classic Pretty Things’ 1970 album Parachute.  At that time, no-one predicted the obstacles that would have to be overcome to get the album out, but now, with all that in the past, we’re happy to announce that:

Parachute Reborn will be released worldwide on Cherry Red’s Esoteric Recordings label on April 30th 2012.


Even though it’s taken longer than planned, we hope you think it’s been worth the wait, because this isn’t just another re-issuing of the original album, this is a fresh recording, with a fresh approach, fresh ideas, fresh performances and two brand new, original bonus tracks.


Jon Povey / Wally Waller / Skip Alan / Pete Tolson
They are formed from the band members of The Pretty Things who recorded S.F Sorrow 1968, Parachute 1970, Freeway Madness 1972, Silk Torpedo 1974, , Savage Eye 1976, Crosstalk 1980.

Jon Povey - Vocals / Keyboards, Wally Waller - Bass Guitar / Vocals, Skip Alan - Drums and Pete Tolson - Guitar.

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